Hat Care Guide


  • Put on and put off the hat using the brims because the front side of the hat is very fragile.

  • Store the hat in a cool place. Do not leave it in a heated room nor dry it on a radiator. 

  • Do not leave the hat on the rear parcel shelf of a car because it can quickly lose flexibility.

  • If the hat straws become too dry, it is possible to apply moisturizer to restore the area. 

  • Do not wear the hat on rainy days nor immerse it in water. A Panama Hat is not designed to stand the rain and excess of water can warp the shape.

  • Remove small folds or flatten the brims using a slightly warm iron on the areas protected with a white cotton cloth.

  • Remove stains or spots on the hat with a baby wipe or a damp cloth with soap. Leave the hat to dry naturally if wet.


If you follow these tips, your Panama Hat will accompany you for many years!