About Us

Arts on Hats is a young and passionate company with addiction to fashionable hat design.
Our hats are easily distinguished among others on the market by stunning color combinations and exquisite design.

When you are choosing Arts on Hats’ product, you are among those who value uniqueness and authenticity.


Our goal is to demonstrate that every straw hat has its own flair and aids in expressing people’s individuality. It is never out of fashion and always adapts to new trends. Besides, each hat is exclusively trimmed to meet the highest quality standards, so it serves you for good. 

Arts on Hats offers you the most trending Panama hats handmade of toquilla straw by Ecuadorian artisans using old weaving techniques and later customized in Europe with the ribbons from professional worldwide designers to meet your style.

  • Arts on Hats has own principles that we are following no matter what:  
  • We take responsibility for sourcing and production made by our artisans in Ecuador;
  • We create a sustainable product made of renewable, CO2 neutral, and green raw materials;
  • We establish trustworthy and honest relationships with our manufacturers and customers.



    We are eager to provide you with an excellent and easy shopping experience because our client satisfaction is our priority. Several categories and collections with a variety of exclusive colorful hats are at your disposal. 


    Should you have any questions about our products, please use the “CONTACT US” page to get in touch with us, and we will answer you at our earliest convenience.

     Enjoy your shopping!