Our Concept


Superior quality, designer ribbons and stunning color combinations – all these are attributes of Arts on Hats’ fashionable and elegant straw hats. All our hats are original and handmade with the finest materials. They are ready to become an essential part of your wardrobe.


We value elegance, fashion and art. That is why we create beautiful one-of-a-kind customized hats that ensure an incredible look and inspire people to celebrate their authenticity in every moment of their life.  


We follow our idea with love, creativity and full conviction that our products can reveal the character of their owners to the outside world. We want to encourage everyone to accentuate their own individuality with our eye-catching straw hats.


We offer to your attention three outstanding unisex hat collections:


  1. The Classic collection is about simplicity and style. Here you will find colorful straw hats with classic black ribbons that will make any look elegant and classic.
  2. The Arts on Hats collection is our pride. We combine colorful hats with unique patterned ribbons made by worldwide famous designers. Be sure that you will wear an exclusive hat.
  3. The Artisan collection is perfect for those who want to stay fully authentic. It includes the colorful hats with the ribbons made of straw as well. Simply original weaving and extraordinary patterns.


The beauty of Arts on Hats lies in the combination of hat colors and exclusive ribbons. By adding these components, you get a unique hat that will express your personality!


Be exceptional. Be astounding. Make your own style with Arts on Hats.